"Over the years we became almost fluke family members." We have never had a dentist with more integrity, skill and knowledge than Dr. Beltran. We would recommend Dr. Beltran without hesitation to anyone. "It was well worth the long drive to his office."

Alfred Schreier email: alfreds1929@gmail.com


My experience with Dr. Beltran and his staff has been wonderful. The main reason for choosing Dr. Beltran a very strong recommendation from an friend, but also for financial reasons.

Dr. Beltran and staff were procedures beyond my expectations. They were very thorough and precise in the work they did. I am very with the outcome and I get a lot of compliments on my teeth. I highly recommend Dr. Beltran and his work. I find I am recommending him to many people.


Wayne Wood


Dr Beltran is really great at diagnosis of dental problems and has the experience and know how to deal with them in a very professional manner. I am a ten year client of Dr. Beltran and I am receiving the best dental care of my life. 


-Howard Bakker, Lake Havasu City, Az.



"I, as well as my family have been patients of Dr. Beltran's for 11 years. In that time we have received exceptional services, with the friendlist english speaking staff, and from a clean environment. I personally have referred over 50 people, who have received the same professional service with amazing results. When I say amazing I mean amazing, my mother-in-law had her dentures made in the U.S. and they were done incorrectly. I took her to Dr. Beltran and he was able to fit her with a set of dentures that she can now eat with, which made her a much healthier person. We would like to thank Dr. Beltran, for all the care he has provided our family and giving us beautiful teeth. "


-Darla Bigham, Lake Havasu, AZ



Before I came to see Dr. Beltran, my teeth were in bad shape. I had crooked yellow teeth, and much needed root canals and crowns. I was well informed on the details of the work to be done on my teeth. With modern techniques and state of the art equipment, Dr. Beltran and his exceptional staff have given me a smile to be proud of. I feel better and look better. I’ve always wanted beautiful teeth and now, thanks to Dr. Beltran, I have them!" 


-Sharon Chambers email: chumbavy@q.com